The following essays are my homework.

Dear Editor,

I am writing to give my views on the issue of whether movies star's wedding could be just as beautiful and memorable if some of the millions of dollars spent were donated to charity instead.

In recent years, the questions of movie star spend too much on there wedding ha caused grave concern. Seeing many stars who plan their wedding always spend a lot of money on extravagant goods, some experts claim that it is too unreasonable as they can use those money on charity instead. Other people feel that it reasonable because they are movie star. They have done it. They are abnormal. So, do they right to spend on it? Views on whether they should force the stars to donate or not are divergent.

First, we want to clarify what the aim of charity or donation. Is it helping others? Yes, it is. We always donate a lot of money to help the poor, the elderly and the disable. However, there is still many people are waiting our helping hands on the world. So, why donít they spend more money to create some jobs instead donation? It may be an effective method. Charity or Donation is not a unique way to help other people. The movie stars are using another way to help our society with an aim of mitigate the unemployment rate. It might be a positive effect to our society and itís another way to help others.

Second, are they normal? No, they are abnormal. They are special. Many people who included mass media writer would criticize what they do. Some gossip people would care some of it. So, they will ashamed if they canít make an elegant wedding. On the other hand, I believe that many celebrities and reporters of newspaper may take part in the wedding. So they must make it serious, elegant and gorgeous. This is why they do it too extravagant. In order to let the gossip reader of most newspaper get a positive image, we have to do.

Third, many movie stars always donate to charity. You know, we hear some donation behavior of them in TVís programmed. So we canít demand that they should donate to the charity in their wedding. I think it is too enough if they usually do some donation.It's not difficult to understand the stars that wish a memorable wedding.

Well, it seems a reasonable behavior. Not only can those people decrease the employment rate, they also can make beautiful and memorable weddings. So, I do believe they have right to make extravagant weddings.

Yours faithfully,

Chris Wong

Chris Wong

Dear Principal,

I am Chris Wong, a student in 6A. I am writing to tell you my views on how the school should spend money. In the last few decades, Chinaís economy and trading has grown with a rapid speed. But, there are above two third of Chinese are still below the poverty line. Many Chinese are waiting for basic supporting right now. Even some of them havenít the basic needs. Many students have to go to study but they cannot right now. Itís because they are in poverty.

From the establishing day of new China in 1949 to now, there are still many children without an opportunity to studying at school, especially in countryside. In contrast, urban governments are different, such as the Pearl River Deltaís cities. It caused a gap between urban and rural. Until now, Chinaís government has long been focused on economical development rapidly but not educating improvement widely. Then, the local governments on the countryside havenít any ability to change, especially in the western and northern parts of China. Obviously, learning or studying is the only way for them to change their circumstances. In addiction, many cases on news told us if the children havenít gotten the opportunity, itís more possible that they will become the burglars, or even worse.

We usually get a lot of news from TVs, Internet and broadcasting. They inform us diseases such as SARS and AIDS. Maybe, itís caused by the health cares system. There is no doubt that completed health cares system is the only way to let them prevent a lot of virus. Also, a lot of local governments, which included the western or northern parts of Chinaís province local governments are not, enough fund to buy some medical equipments, pills and medicines. Many Chinese who live in rural areas are waiting for our supporting because their local governments have no power to do something improvement. Additionally, there are many cases in Mainland China where corruption is taking place. Although the central government may concern those cases for a long time, they cannot do anything instantly. Meanwhile, we should pay attention to their situation.

From the atomic bomb were testing successfully in china to now, chinaís technology and science explicating has grown with a high speed. They sent a lot of artificial satellite to the space. China got closed to United State and Russia in space technology. Last few years, China has sent a spaceship to the outside of the Earth with a human. But, what is the purpose of space exploration? Nowadays, Chinaís military has enough abilities to protect our land and defend the enemy. It may easy to become a threat to the neighbour if China still spends much on these.

Actually, we are not just raise money to China for development. We should consider how we should spend money. Furthermore, there are many people who still waiting for our helping hands. The basic needs of the people who live in China might change caused by us. Then, other people in Hong Kong may follow us. Itís too meaningful. Otherwise, the situation of space exploration is different. It might not necessary for our spending. So, I think highly that we should spend on the basic health-care and education in Chinaís rural areas.

Thank you for your kind attention. Should you have any query, please feel free to contact me.

Your Sincerely,

Chris Wong

Chris Wong