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    The difference

    Hello, there
    Would you please tell me the difference between "know" and "know about"? Besides, help me with the answers to the following questions, please. Thank you very much.
    I know ______ the news. (a) about (b) X
    I know ______ the book. (a) about (b) X
    I know ______ the test result. (a) about (b) X

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    Re: The difference

    I think the both of them are fine, but there is a little difference here, when you know about something, you don't know it well. But when you know something, you may know all about it.
    That's my own thoughts.
    Hope some teachers join in and help us.
    Thank you !

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    Re: The difference

    I know of the book- minimal information
    I know about the book- more information
    I know the book- I have read it and remember it

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