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    Proper use of in and on

    Hello, everyone.

    Any teacher who could teach me the usage of these prepositions : the on and the in. Thanks.


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    Re: Proper use of in and on

    That's a huge area. As a basic difference, use 'on' for a flat surface and 'in' for an enclosed one, or one with sides.

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    Re: Proper use of in and on

    It depends on what you're referring to. Are you referring to in and on as prepositions of time or prepositions of location?

    If you are using them as prepositions of time, here is how I teach my adult students:

    Use in for longer periods of time: in the future, in the morning, in March, in the spring, in 1492

    Use on for days and dates: on April 15th, on Saturday, on the first day of Christmas, on the 30th

    Use at for clock time and very short times: at 8:00, at midnight, at present, at this moment, at quarter-past three, at the same time every day

    Hope that helps.

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    Re: Proper use of in and on

    I have some flash cards that might help with the meaning if you're talking about in or on in relation to place or movement. If you're a student the handout will be good enough.

    There are 8 prepositions of place listed and 14 prepositions of movement.

    The prepositions of movement are maybe the most helpful. Preopositions of place are fairly easy to understand and use.

    I hope that helps.


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