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    Word order

    Hello teachers,
    While taking the quizzes published in this page, I encountered the following example:
    A. Do you come often here?
    B. Do often you come here?

    The quiz is about word order and the student must choose between those two possibilities. The problem is that neither of the two alternatives seems correct to me. I think the right sentence here should be:
    Do you come here often? or Do you often come here?
    Am I right? What do you think?

    The other example that confused me is:
    A. I haven't recently spoken to her.
    B. I haven't spoken to her recently.
    And according to the answer sheet, the correct answer here is A. But I think I've heard people using "recently" at the the end of a clause, as in B. So I think both sentences here are correct. Is that right?

    Thank you very much,

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    Re: Word order

    The first was a mistake which I have corrected. Thanks. however, the second had the right answer. Are you sure you've got it right there? many thanks

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