Would you be so kind to check the following text? (I should like to publish it on my website ASAP)

It has been a while, I know, since the Italian newspaper La Repubblica was published with an almost blank front page. Then it should be history the almost blank page that welcomes visitors to Simosito, which by the way states "Freedom of information" (title) and "Solidarity with the press against any censorship".
Yet I've decided to give an explanation (only in Italian at first, but now you can ask "Therefore art thou blank Page?" and get an answer), for I wanted to and because one person at least decided to join this almost-blank-page protest.
In the Italian version of this article I wrote that the blank page by La Repubblica and the so called "Gag law" (gag as in "she couldn't scream because of a gag placed over her mouth") suggested me how demonstrate, not to do do it (and I also quoted Dr Faustus) and then I wrote a really long essay on press and censorship, starting from when the power of fliers was discovered during the Reformation and concluding with the unsuccessful forms of e-censorship (like the Chinese Great Firewall).
An essay which, pardon me, I shan't translate (quote!), for I am too lazy to provide a complete translation for the few English-speaking people that might visit this website.
Anyway: why the almost-blank front page? It is not a political demonstration at all: politics and religion are not to be discussed here, for I think them to be as private and personal as toilet paper; this almost-blank page is to demonstrate against blog censorship in Italy but it is also meant to be a way to thank those journalists who risk their lives and freedom to tell the truth and to criticise those who just "follow the orders".

If you have a website/blog and you'd like to protest with us against all censorships using an almost-blank front page, just do it. If you don't know how to do it, just insert an almost-blank post (a title, a brief expression of solidarity and a lot of empty space). You can also link to this text or send me a link to your almost-blank front page (or post), if you'd like to.
I wrote it in a hurry, so it's probably full of silly mistakes, for which I apologise.
Please notice that the British spelling (i.e. verbs ending in -ise) is a choice, not a mistake.

Thank you again,