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    Synopsis on a Conference IPMC

    First, I want to say thank you to John and Sandy Morgan for giving me the opportunity to help my brothers and sisters from around the globe during IPMC 2010. Second, it was an honor to take on the responsibility of assistance with such prestigious men and women of God on behalf of FFM during IPMC.

    The delegates at IPMC 2010 were many but I had the privilege of assisting that Pastors from the Bahamas, Finland, Jordan and India. When speaking each pastor, all I heard was how grateful they are about Pastor Demola and his vision. They support the vision of Pastor Dave and the sense of power they hear through the words the Pastor, not only during IPMC, but in the many materials they receive monthly through CMI.

    Their vision is like the Pastors, they too believe in going throughout the world speaking the gospel and the are committed in demonstrating Godís love to the world in the spirit of unity by bringing salvation to the lost and discipling believers.

    Many of them said that IPMC is a time of spiritual refreshment. When they are sitted under the anointing, they sense an infusion of Godís power. To listen to the uncompromised word from many other great teachers is very inspiring. They too have a desire to spread the good news to many even when it is done through the confinements of their own method which can be the case for some. But just like Israel had to rise up physically to take the land of Canaan, we too need to rise up in the Spirit if we're going to establish the dominion of God in the earth. We're going to have to get moving. We cannot do it sitting down! That is why many of these Pastors come to IPMC

    In summarizing, I believe that the Pastor's dream to speak to the nations is something that many of the delegates desire to do and seeing it done through FFM and IPMC is very motoviating to the delegates. We have heard so many wonderful and postitive things from the delegates for example things that have occurred after the conference that all you can do is honor and glorify God. Even in the faces of those Pastors year after year you can see the hunger they display when they are sharing some of those experiences after attending the conference. Many of them have wonderful testimonies of Godís goodness. You hear their passion about FFM and about IPM. This years conference was inspiring, encouraging and most of all enlightening.
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