Please check my writing.

I am so happy like no one else can imagine; at the same time I am so sad like no one else can imagine. But after all those years what I learned is that both are complement to each other. Shine and dark and shine again - law of nature. Notwithstanding, it seems, if only for a moment, like it's not working for me and my life at least. Seems off somehow on this day of success? huh?

Last night, our results were out. Yes, I checked my result as soon as it was announced on university website. But it took some time for me to react, to think clearly, to put aside all those feelings associated with this output and obviously with my four years hostel life before I could write anything about it, unlike my other friends who jumped into Facebook and Tweeter at the drop of a hat to update their status expressing how happy they are, congratulating others and celebrating the moment of becoming an official B.Tech Engineer through their words.

Some waves of good (and some bad as well) old memories surged into my mind and lurked there till midnight, before my eyelids dropped, before the Sandman drove me to the Land of Slumber. There was no lull in my thoughts, one after the other - it kept coming on and off.

From the first day at Haldia to the last day, how it all started and how one day it all ended. I could remember the day when I first started to feel the heat. And all that followed. There was good times and bad times as well. During my second semester, I was so pissed off you could never imagine. Some of my friends know what happened at that very time. It was out and out terrible, lost all my hopes and started to believe I was flogging a dead horse, up until third semester. First year was great, then second and third with all its own ups and downs; and fourth year - it's like a dream come true. Lot of different feelings at the same time twining my thoughts; it's like Alice in Wonderland!

Well, at last we are engineers. We are lucky that we came closer and became friends. Now I started to believe, we are indeed crème de la crème. Now corporate life is awaiting us, milk it to the last drop, my friends.

Congrats all my friends.