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In the modern world, as in the past, people tend to transfer from one country to another, in search of a better land; sufficient enough to live at and raised their family.
This became evident with the humongous number of migrations of people from their motherland to another country all over the world since the early civilization began.
According to some research, about a quarter of the world population are living and working in another country that is different from their own. A lot of people chooses to migrate because of varied reasons. One of which, is the opportunity for employment advancement. Since, most of the migrants came from underdeveloped country, transferring to a more develop country gives a chance to learn new technologies. In addition, there are also a wide range of employments being offered in other dominant countries. Aside from these, the more obvious of the matter, is the high salary that foreign country offers. These is probably the main reason why a great number of people choose to live and work in a foreign land.
Another advantages of living and working abroad is to seek independence. For instance, In the Philippines, the family is the major source of comfort whenever difficult times arises hence, to be far from the family to seek a nicer job abroad is a big step towards independence. In addition, people who lives and works in a country far different from their country of origin creates an avenue for new learning. As they are expose to different culture and experiencing it fist hand.
Although a lot of people seems to be pro for migration, there are some who remained skeptics on the thought. Nationalistics would agree that it is better to serve your own country in the sense that people should devote their talent in their motherland to prevent what they call "a brain drain". There are also some, who became a foreigner to their own country or worst forgot their own culture. For some who was not raised and brought up in their own country this was understandable. But for those, who were only gone for years, adopted so much to their current location in the faraway land that they tend to forget their own native tongue. Lastly, being away from your family is the hardest part . Most especially for parents who missed their children's birthday or graduations because they choose to live and work in a foreign land is among the disadvantages.
In conclusion, in spite of the advantages and the disadvantages of leaving and working in another country it still lies on the personal reason why people choose to do so.