Could anyone check my short retelling of The woman in White, I wrote it for my English classes.
Thank you!

Walter suggested to Marian to talk to Ann. Marian agreed with him. Marian also said she would write a letter to their family lawer Mr. Gilmore to ask his advise about that situation with Ann and Sir Percivale. Walter got a short written reply from Mr. Fairlie about his resignation. Mr Fairlie wrote up that he agreed with Walter's resignation because of his strong will not to be disturbed again besides he had not understood Walter's reasons for a resignation. The next day Marian and Walter went to Todd's Corner to talk to Ann but Ann had gone the day before.

When Mr. Gilmore came to Limmerige House he took charge. He agreed with all actions which had been made by Walter and Marian. The next day Walter got the last lesson with Laura. He felt that Laura loved him too.

Mr. Gilmore got an explanation of the strange situation with Ann from Sir Percivale. Sir Percivale described Ann as a mentally ill person who needed to be placed in asylum in case of her personal security. Sir Percivale also offered if someone did not trust him to write a letter to Ann's mother. Marian wrote a letter and received a very formal reply from Ann's mother in which she completely confirmed Sir Percivale's version of Ann's behavior and her health problems. Marian had got a very controversial feeling about Sir Percivale even she did not have anything that could make him guilty. She realized that something was wrong with Sir Percivale.

The main reason Mr. Gilmore came to Limmerige House was to prepare a marriage settlement. Laura was a very rich woman otherwise her sister Mariam was not. Laura inherited about twenty thousand pounds and lots of property. Mr. Gilmore proposed that Laura's money in case of her death without giving a birth to a child would go to her half-sister Marian. However Mr Merriman Sir Percivale's lawer did not accept this condition. Neither long negotiations with Sir Percivale's lawer nor a talk with Mr. Frederick Fairlie could help. Finally Laura agreed that all her money would go to Sir Percivale if she died before giving a birth to a child because she had promised to her father to marry Sir Percivale. The marriage was going ahead and was arranged on 22th December. Mariam received a letter from Walter. He described his life after resignation from his job at Limmerige House and about his hard decision to go abroad. After the marriage Sir Percivale planned to go to Italy for six months. Yet he did not left his attempts to find Ann. The wedding day was terribleŚwild and stormy and after ceremony Laura and Sir Percivale left for Italy.