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    Why plural form is used here?

    The peoples of the world must unite.

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    Re: peoples

    You should look it up from
    I think people here is a group not the plural form of the noun "person" and the plural of "people" is "peoples".
    As I said, look it up by yourself to get more deeply understanding.
    Thank you !
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    Re: peoples

    'People' is the plural of 'person'.
    'Peoples' is the plural of 'people'=community, nation e.g.
    Many peoples live in India: the Hindus, the Muslims, the Sikhs, the Parsis and the Christians

    so the sentence you have qouted means that the communities of the world must get united

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    Re: peoples

    Quote Originally Posted by happys82 View Post
    Why plural form is used here?

    The peoples of the world must unite.
    ********** NOT A TEACHER**********

    Hello, Happys82.

    (1) CrazYgeek gave you a very good explanation.

    (2) The plural of people is almost never used in conversation.

    (3) The only time that I ever see it is in reading.

    (4) We usually use the word people. For example:

    The people of the United States are getting ready for elections in

    November of this year. (All the persons ....)

    (5) Buit sometimes -- as CrazYgeek told you -- we want to put the

    emphasis on groups of human beings.

    (6) Your quotation is The peoples of the world must unite.

    (a) I think (only my opinion) it would be good English to also say:

    The people of the world must unite.

    BUT that would have a different meaning. That would mean: All the

    persons on earth should unite.

    Your quotation is a little different. The person who wrote your

    quotation probably meant:

    All the different groups (each with its own language, religion, customs)

    on earth should unite.

    I shall not name the country, but about 20 years ago, there was a country

    called X. It had many peoples. (That is, different groups.) They had some

    disagreements, so Country X no longer exists. Each people (group) now

    has (singular has) its own country. (BUT "The people have" if you

    are talking about all the persons who live in a country. Please remember that

    people uses a plural verb -- EXCEPT when it means a group.)

    Thank you

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