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    Colloquial English

    'Colloquial English is a term given to spoken English used in common speech. It is not the same as Standard English and will differ from region to region'.

    Hello, dear teachers and folks! I need your help so for me to understand better you native speakers in real-life situations and in everyday conversations. In other words, the kind of language that you could speak with your friends regardless of English grammar, school constructions and whatnot.

    I would like you to provide plenty of examples of colloquialisms - add the location if necessary. I will take everything or so. Eg films, videos, websites, you can for instance write a conversation in a particular situation (in a restaurant, on the beach, you have just come across a friend of you that you have not seen for a long time, etc).

    Coca-cola = coke
    You all = y'all
    Going to/want to = gonna/wanna
    How do you do = howdo
    Having a joke = he's pulling my leg
    Isn't, hasn't = ain't
    I don't know = dunno
    A carbonated soft drink = pop (upper midwestern US)/ tonic (England)/ ginger (Scotland)
    Where are you from? = Ya from?
    Every other week or twice a week = biweekly
    Don't mess up = don't screw up.
    What are you going to do? = whacha gonna do?
    He watches too much TV = he is a couch potato

    That list is not exhaustive at all. It is just to show you how it could go.

    I have stumbled upon a couple of websites: PLABWISE™ - Making PLAB Easy; Colloquialism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Thank you in advance. Each single post will be appreciated.
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