The author explains the discussion at Dodgson College which is connected with using of bequest granted by alumni. He shows the opinion of administration of the College which is contradicting with position of Faculty. The speaker presents opposite side of the issue explaining faculty’s propositions.
According to the author there is a serious discussion between College’s administration and Faculty. The administration presents several ways how to spend bequest. The first idea is to build new classrooms with aim to increase number of future students which will attend the College. The next proposition is to build new gymnasium. The final idea of administration is to spend part of money on covering some pay raises of the College which arise because of low price for campus.
The speaker presents position of the Faculty. The Faculty disagrees with idea to build new classrooms. Head of Faculty thinks that because of new classrooms the Faculty will become overcrowded by students. Moreover, the Faculty doesn’t accept the idea with building of new gymnasium and they think that the best decision it to renovate the old one. The most controversial moment for the Faculty is spending money on covering administrative pay raises. The Faculty committee thinks that the best idea to spend money is providing scholarship to the students.