Change is inevitable, but will we have a just social, and political system in our country during our lifetime? Given the technological advancement and improved system of communication; it seems that all these advances in technology and media are of little use in assuaging the grievances of the downtrodden. where as the privileged class has been in power and employing all the resources to retain it whatever the cost may be. if, in this modern age, where media is free and communication is easy, we fail to bring any positive change in our social and political and economic outlook; the failure may not be attributed to widespread illiteracy among the multitudes, but to the lack of courage which has become our national insignia. it was the courage to suffer that won Americans the freedom, and South African the equality. And before 1960s the Blacks in the US had no civil rights; they were slaves even though the constitution of the US accorded equal rights to all the citizens without making any distinction, ironically the majority white population suppressed minority black people and did not concede them equal rights. The black population considered it as a fait accompli and never resisted unjust laws that crippled their freedom. But Martin Luther King rose against this unequal treatment of his people and won freedom and equality for them ultimately. Privileged class would never give up their privileges, you have to fight for them, wrote he in his autobiography. We as a nation have every thing at our disposal : free media, resources, independent judiciary, but have no courage to take stand against only a handful of thugs who have been ruling us tyrannically in the guise of democracy. I lough when people say that the government should do this and do that and the other way round. It is futile to expect relief from a government whose members are feudal lords, industrialists, rich plutocrats-- and they do not want you to be equal to their status. This world is for those who are courageous; rest must suffer, and in this I appreciate our politicians they are courageous, and brave. Only we are cowards, so we must suffer.