Bound by common religion Islam , yet we have grave ethnic clashes; as BALOCH Punjabi, Sindhi, Punjabi, Mohajir, Siraiki and Pathan are at loggerheads. The clashes are not so as, only because of the differences of language, they are deep rooted in unequal distribution of wealth: economic issues take the form of ethnic based clashes. Remove economic disparities, there will be no ethnic based clashes.Ethnic homogeneity may be useful in state building, I do not deny its role, but once economic differences crept in, people sharing common language may slaughter each other as happened in France during French Revolution 1789. Yet ethnic heterogeneity may promote cooperation if there is a just economic system in order ; The US can be cited as an example where different ethnic groups are living together in a perfect harmony. All the clashes stem from economic disparities; they may be given ethnic, religious or cultural color, is a matter of the audience (people) how and what attracts their emotions,and passions most, and by what they are moved.

For example, minority Muslims in united India were economic downtrodden class; poorer than Hindus. Muslim leaders deliberately put Islam in danger so as to unite Muslims and create a necessary bulwark against Hindu majority rule. Passions rose high among Muslims, an Independence movement was launched to this effect that culminated in the creation of Pakistan.

Then observe Bengali movement 1971, why they got separated. And see how the country today is plagued by different issues that are given ethnic color. In Pakistan, however, nationalists no longer attract their respective people by common faith, but by ethnic background. They dont say that we are all muslims but instaed say, we are Sindhi, Punjabi, Pakhtoon, Baloch, Seraiki and so on. And their respectiv poor people belonging to one group pay heed to their leaders call; saying we need an independent state because we are not given our share of wealth. Two brothers may fight over their share of inheritance. What I want to prove is that all clashes are due to property and unequal distribution of wealth.