Clonning is the creation of people’ the same via copying their genes. Scientists focus on many issues and cloning of people is one of them. Because of the fact that technology is improving day by day various methods of this job are emerged in science. However, this issue creates some arguments among people. Some individuals are against, others are not. It is my firm belief that people should not be cloned.
It may be asserted that thanks to cloning, bad people are eliminated. They may have a point in thinking like that; however, the cloning of people is not a natural process. God created people with many good qualities and the ability to create people only belongs to God. Thus, according to some religious beliefs, anybody cannot create humans apart from God. This issue brings unrests in society and people argue with each other on account of cloning. What is more, there are both good and bad people in the world ;yet, this is a natural situation. Thus, people should not try to change this phenomenon in order to create better and smarter individuals.
Opponents might also claim that more intelligent race of people are created via the clonning of people . However, there is a point that they are missing. If it is in wrong hands, cloning can be a disaster for the world. To illustrate, some terror unities can use this method for their harmful targets. They can copy their effective terrorists in order to declare war to some countries. Hence, this leads to a disaster for citizens. Moreover, people want to create more clever individuals by this way; yet, cloning has no individualism and uniqueness. The cloned people would have the same traits and be only very clever, not special. Therefore, scientists should not try this method on people due to their some rights.
All in all, the most reasonable conclusion that can be drawn is that the copying of people ought not be realized by men of science. It is clear that this issue is both debatable and generates social problems among people. Thus, it is up to scientists to respect to the rights of individuals and not to try the creation of new races.