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Thread: word forms

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    word forms

    word forms:
    1, Thatů......should be stopped at any rate (practise)

    In this sentence, my answer is "malpractise" while my teacher says it should be "practician". Which's correct?

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    Re: word forms

    Not a teacher only a native speaker.

    I'm new to this forum so don't fully understand everything, are you looking for a synonym of practice to fill the gap?

    Out of the two suggestions, 'malpractice' and 'practician', I can see how both would fit in circumstances. Though with the world in brackets (practice) I would say you were correct.

    For example if a surgical opperation was found to harm patients, then 'That malpractice should be stopped at any rate.' would be correct.

    However if there was a inept surgeon, then it would be 'That practician should be stopped at any rate.'

    Also, I think 'Practitioner' is a better word to use than practician.

    Sorry if I have just confused things, hopefully an actual teacher will clear things up.

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