The author explains deindividualistic and polaristic ways of behaviour in large group of people, however, the author believes that this behavior can bring only negative consequences for society. On the other hand the speaker agrees that deindividualization and polarization have bad influence on peoplesí behavior but she suggest that in some situations they can be positive.
The author is sure that deindividualistic behavior of particular person will have always dangerous consequences such as acts of vandalism, uncontrolled actions among enormous crowd. At the same time, he thinks that polarization is bad way of behavior too and he gives for example unpredictable peoplesí actions which outweigh normal attitude to surrounding environment.
However the speakerís opinion is more balanced because her estimation contains not only disadvantages of two ways of behaviour but some benefits. She thinks that in some situations they can be helpful and she supports own statement with several examples. For instance deindividualization can be positive during exceptional results in sport or catastrophes when it can support renovation of the destroyed town by earthquake. According to the speaker, polarization sometimes is positive too. For example, if employees are suffered by dishonest attitude of their employer using this behaviour workers can change the situation.