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    draw back

    Hi, morning everyone.
    If I draw back the curtains to mean to open the curtains, then what should I say to close the curtains?

    I draw fore or something else?
    Thank you.

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    Re: draw back

    Not a teacher.

    Simply "close" the curtain will work.

    Sometimes you will hear "drop" the curtains, but that's only, obviously, where the curtain is opened by raising it straight up.

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    Re: draw back

    I'm not a teacher.

    I know only the simple "draw the curtains" and the opposite "draw aside the curtains" or " uncurtain (a window)"



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    Re: draw back

    I've heard people use 'draw the curtains' to mean either open or close them.

    If the person you are talking to is there with you in the same room and can see whether the curtains are open or closed, then 'draw the curtains' would simply mean open them if they were closed and vice versa.

    If they are not in the same room as the curtains, you would need to specify whether you wanted them open or closed:

    'Make sure you close the bedroom curtains before you get undressed.'

    'When you go out, open the living-room curtains.'


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