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    How to speak english well ?

    how to speak english well
    when i lesten to my teacher, i can say i totally understand what he say,but i don't understand why i can't speaking like him ? i mean i know the meaning most word he use,but i cant use the same words to explain something! the same thing happned to me at the work with my boss,when he spoke to me i know what he want me to do,i can't speak fast and correctly,thnaks

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    Re: How to speak english well ?

    Quote Originally Posted by elnouri View Post

    How can I speak English well?

    When I listen to my teacher, I can say i totally understand what he says, but I don't understand why I can't speaking like him.

    I mean I know the meanings of most words he uses, but I can't use the same words to explain something!

    The same thing happens to me at the work with my boss. When he speaks to me I know what he wants me to do, but I can't speak fast and correctly. Thanks

    If what you said in the last paragraph only happened once, you should use past tense, for the one time it happened. But if it happens often, as I'm guessing it does, you should use present tense.
    From what you said, at least two possible causes of your trouble speaking come to mind.
    1. Your grammar is not very good (although it doesn't seem to be very bad either), so you struggle to quickly put your words into an understandable sentence.
    2. Your vocabulary is not very good. You recognize the meanings of words other people use, but when you speak you can't quickly think of the words you need to use to express your meaning.

    What do you think?

    Don't think that you have to speak perfect English, so don't be afraid to make mistakes! Speak as you are able and you will gradually improve, especially if people like your boss will be patient with you and sometimes point out your mistakes and correct them.

    Practice you English here, and ask questions. Pay atention to the grammar and vocabulary of those you think have good English. Good luck!
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    Re: How to speak english well ?


    I am not a teacher nor English native speaker.

    I have only one tip for you: learn phrases, don't learn words. Knowing the meanings of a word is not enough to let you use the word when you speak. Instead, you have to, as I think, learn how to use it in sentences, this is where phrases come in.


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    Re: How to speak english well ?

    Personally, I found recording an interesting way of learning a language, I do it with French. Study an article or prepare a subject to talk about ( better to be about English language itself) , turn on your camera and start videoing yourself doing it as if you are presenting it to an audience. It's lots of fun and you will see yourself leapfrogging to success in commanding English.

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    Smile Re: How to speak english well ?

    I think one can learn english only if he is ready to make mistakes. Secondly. your resources should be good. I was really hesitant and Im still not perfect but I guess when I joined the online live discussion through SKYPE at theenglishforum com (just put join them together by erasing spaces) , it helped me a lot. I remember i couldnt speak properly the first day and their friendly treatment made me feel better. I think its ok. One is always hesitant to start but if you get good resources, its always good, i started alone and then I told my friends about these kind of discussions. They were frustrated of going through various websites but theere search stopped after I told them. Mark my words , you will not find yourself happier than doing this. Hope it helps

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    Re: How to speak english well ?

    I made sure that my students knew they were in an environment that welcomed mistakes. It is the only way to learn!

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