Hello, could you please check my cover letter. I would be very grateful. Thanks

Dear Ms. XY

I am a student of journalism and international relations at Masaryk University and I would like to be considered for an internship on XY form summer 2011.
I am able to write in English, in which I am at C1 level. What is more, I worked in England for three months during summer and currently I am preparing myself for the CAE exam in March. I have also some knowledge of French language, which I have learned for five years.
In addition, I have some knowledge about European Union as I am a student of International relations and dealing with issues of European Union and its institutions is part of my curriculum.
I have had the chance of honing my journalistic abilities on courses at university and working in magazine for social studies students. That all have supplied me with many helpful skills and techniques and given me experience and knowledge of how to work in a team.
I am convinced, an internship on XY would strongly enrich my future carrier, help me in prospective profession and give me the additional polish I need as a journalist.
If you need more information, please let me know and I look forward to sending you any requirements as soon as possible.

Thank you for considering my application