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    letter of appeal

    Hi there! once again, may i request anyone to please edit below my draft - a letter of appeal. i would be more grateful receiving your reply the soonest possible time. thanks and regards.

    __________________________________________________ ___
    DATE : 2 AUGUST 2010
    & GEN. MDSE.

    Dear Atty. Talanpa,

    This is to acknowledge the receipt of your letter dated today, 2 August 2010.
    We admitted that our member, Med Excel Pharmacy & Gen. Mdse under the insured name – Mr. Angelito Inton has failed to settle his outstanding premiums which as stipulated in your letter has been a ground of canceling the policies which has resulted further of denying him of claiming his insurance. However, for humanitarian reason, we are pleading to reconsider your previous decision.

    The fire that has been devastated the premises of Med Excel Pharmacy at Orion, Bataan is a catastrophe that is unexpected and no one has ever been dreaming on it. This is a tragedy. We had witnessed before the natural calamities that have been struck the country - typhoon Ondoy, Reming, drought, flash floods - to name a few and we had seen and heard how victims have been suffering these calamities . In all these challenges in life, our fellow kababayans have learned to take initiatives, to move on , to stand up and eventually, to start a new life. Same scenario has been felt on the family of Mr. Inton where their home and most importantly their source of living – drugstore and convenient stores have been totally damaged and wrecked. The family has been suffering the damage and has been finding ways and solutions to recover from such tragedy.

    Med Excel Pharmacy & Gen. Mdse thru Mr. Inton can settle the dues if allowing to do so; thereby Pioneer can reinstate the membership of Med Excel Pharmacy & Gen. Mdse. Further, Mr. Inton is willing to act for whatever remedies that Pioneer may be imposed upon them.
    Based on the forgoing contentions, may we request to reconsider your refusal to cover the loss and damages for Med Excel Pharmacy & Gen. Mdse. Mr. Inton can supply more information if necessary or helpful; let him know what other pertinent documents you may need.

    DSAP has been a partner of Pioneer for years and has been hoping that Pioneer has big heart to listen our appeal. Once again, please reconsider this denial.
    We will be hopeful that this request merits your favorable approval. We are looking forward to hear from you the soonest possible time. Thank you.

    In behalf of DSAP,

    Sincerely yours,

    Victor Alcoda
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