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    letter writing

    Please correct the mistakes if any in below letter and also rate the English standard.

    Dear Mr.Abey,

    Thank you very much and I知 grateful for the trust you've placed in me.

    I知 pleased to offer you our best lowest price for the three qualities of the chillies samples sent to you as given below.

    Quality. Price
    1. Super fine quality USD1175 /MT
    2. Best quality USD1150 / MT.
    3.Medium Quality USD1125 /MT

    Packing for all above three varieties would be 25Kgs Net/26Kgs Gross in New Jute Bags. Payment term D/P @ sight.

    I guarantee that supply will be as per the samples sent to you and we shall never relent in quality aspect. The supplier with whom I intended to supply the cargo is in the Chillies trade since 1974 and also he is respectful person in chillies trade at Guntur. To my knowledge he does ethical business compared with other Chillies suppliers. To start our business with your goodself, we have quoted our cost price without compromising on quality of the Chillie.

    Guntur Chillies suppliers were very notorious in doing many tricks to quote less, like mixing the medium quality with best quality together, they convert medium Non A/C quality to best A/C quality by sprinkling water with oil to give extra shinning and softness. That is the reason most of the exporters were able to give less that market prevailing rates. Please note that this information I知 giving you is to update the Guntur Chillie trade practice and my suppliers vouched me that he never does such practices to sell his product. I know quit well that your are upright and straight forward person and would never tolerate any short of unethical business practices and I got my courage to talk to you for business with my suppliers assurance that he will supply good quality as per commitments. I request you to give us the opportunity to prove our self.

    Chillies rate may increase further due to local market demand because Onam festival is fast approaching. Already supplies to Kearla for Onam started picking up and till mid-august price would be on uptrend. So please confirm your order soon to cover the cargo immediately. I suggest you to place all three quality chillies one container each and you please study the market for which quality you were able to get maximum mileage and we shall concentrate more on that particular quality for our future supplies. Rest assured our Chillies will help to increase the sales and profit of your client.

    I once again appreciate your trust in me, and we値l do our best to meet your expectation.

    With Kind Regards,

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    Re: letter writing

    Thank you very much Sir, for correcting my letter.

    Sourcing from former is an extensive work and farmers are scattered in rural places. We have to accumulate the cargo in small quantity from farmers and if I concentrate on that sourcing the cargo direct from farmers, my export activities would suffer. Most merchant exporters would buy cargo through suppliers and very few who have sufficient manpower would source the cargo direct from farmer.

    Thank you,

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    Re: letter writing

    Dear Mr.Gillntter,

    I thank you once again for correcting my letter. I知 in export businesses where excellent writing communication skills are required to improve the businesses. Please can you give me suggestions how to improve my communication skills. I知 posting one more letter, please correct the same.

    With kind regards,

    Dear Mr.Abey,

    Thanks you, I received your mail and also mail copy by fax. I have received chillies and Red-Millet samples from my suppliers. The same I shall send you by courier today. I have read your mail carefully and noted all your points. What all you said in the mail about chillies trade is absolutely true. Here I would like to highlight my strength and how I planed to overcome the competitor.

    1. As I told you in my previous mail that the chillie supplier is going to export directly to your client. He is in the business since 1980 and supplies to most of the Colombo exporters. He has good knowledge in Chillies market and knows how to select the best quality at lowest rate. Also being an exporter himself he will put all his effort to dispatch the cargo as per schedule. Other exporters have to depend on their supplier for quality /schedule and most of the times they receive inconsistent quality and they don稚 have total control over quality/schedule..

    2. I知 taking care of all export operation like customs clearance, documentation and taking containers directly from shipping line without depending on freight forwarder personally. Most of the other exporters will depend on CHA for all these activities. I have very good contact with almost all shipping line in Chennai and can get best ocean freight compared to other exporters and CHA. Most the exporters will depend on CHA for taking the containers and CHA would keep some margin. My cost of the operation expenses would he much lower compare to other exporters. While I was with Siva, I have reduced many of his operation expenses compare to prior to my arrival. Even at tough times like shortage of containers in market and Non-availability of trailers at peak seasons, we have not missed the ship. Once cargo arrives, I see that it is loaded in next available vessel. During my tenure with Siva, not even once we missed the ship with cargo in hand.

    3. My exporters don稚 have any staff at Chennai and they totally depend on me for all activities. For me I have only one staff to assist me. My exporter and I don稚 have many overheads. Since I知 taking care of all activities personally, chance of mistake is almost eliminated and flow of information from my side would be available always.

    Based on above strength I have the confidence that I can give you better quality chillies at lowest market rate with best service. I will work with minimum margin without compromising on quality. If at all any exporter offers lesser price that my price, he might be having stock in hand purchased previously at lower rate or he should do some mixing in quality.

    I look forward in receiving your valuable order soon.

    With Kind Regards,

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