Writing Task 2 (ielts academic)

Qusetion: Some people prefer to spend their lives doing the same things and avoiding change.Others,however, think that change is always a good thing.(write 250 words).

my answer:

The subject of "change" in general has alot of different opinions.From people who change what they wear every single day, to people who hate change and would never even change their icecream flavour at all.I think that this topic is certainly one that does not have one correct answer.

To begin with, i think that change is important to anyone whether it be a student,teacheror even a salesperson.Why is that so? Well, i believe that change brings variety and renewal to people's lives,and, makes life less monotonous.On the other hand,there are one's who feel that if their week was "planned out" before hand then, life would be easier and less stressful for them. Well,maybe it is helpful for example to a mother of five to plan out her week so that she does not get into the trouble ofmissing out on something,such as, one of her children's concert or parent/teacher meeting,perhaps.

However, change is vital to eveyone as a matter of fact,some people prefer to change something or the other in their day to avoid boredom and what is known as the "routinish life".For example,a teacher may plan out to go on vacation for a couple of days.In fact, reasearch has proved that people who go on holidays and take a "time-out" from their work, end up more successful and exhuberant than their collegues.

In conclusion, all of us have to give ourselves a break whether we are workahilics or not.At the end of the day,in will benefit us all.

i would be grateful if anyone replied as soon as possible. how much band width will i get in this??