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    Pronunciation of "Extraordinary"?

    Dear all,

    Most people would pronounce Extraordinary as BrE / ɪkˈstrɔːdnri / or NAmE /ɪkˈstrɔːrdəneri /, recently I found an oxford dictionary for iPod, says it can be pronounced as /ˌekstrəˈɔːdɪnri/, I want to consult you guys, is it a correct pronunciation or any native speaker would pronounce /ˌekstrəˈɔːdɪnri/....please advise.

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    Re: Pronunciation of "Extraordinary"?

    William, I thought you were living in Vietnam; when did you move to India?

    In AmE, you hear secondary stress on -ary; thanks to historical r neutralization, -ary becomes [eri]. Based on this and alternate stressing rule, you can find the other stressed location: /ɪkˈstroɚdəˌneri/ (note the stress on the second syllable left of the secondary stressed syllable. Also, notice the smoothing phenomenon: getting rid of the vowel /a/, and keeping /o/.

    /ˌekstrəˈɔːdɪnri/ is possible, but it could be a marked usage in BrE. That's not part of AmE.

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