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Thread: some and any

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    some and any

    Hello again, this time, Ihave to do a project in my ELT Class.
    I'm supposed to talk about SOME and Any.

    There are a lot of points that I must deal with, for instance, form or meaning, things like that, but there is a point that has me trapped, I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO TALK ABOUT IN THIS POINT. My teacher told me (actually told us, me and my classmates, we all have different topics to deal with , for example, the use of a or an ) that I have to talk about the points that are applicable, if not, why?

    So the point is this:

    ..."Emerging and waning forms".

    I don't know what that statement means...

    Please, I need all the help that can be given

    Thanks again.....

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    Re: some and any


    Some and Any

    Some and any are used with countable and uncountable nouns, to describe an indefinite or incomplete quantity.

    Some is used in positive statements:
    I had some rice for lunch
    He's got some books from the library.

    It is also used in questions where we are sure about the answer:
    l Did he give you some tea? (= I'm sure he did.)
    l Is there some fruit juice in the fridge? (= I think there is)

    Some is used in situations where the question is not a request for information, but a method of making a request, encouraging or giving an invitation:
    Could I have some books, please?
    Why don't you take some books home with you?
    Would you like some books?

    Any is used in questions and with not in negative statements:
    Have you got any tea?
    He didn't give me any tea.
    I don't think we've got any coffee left.

    More examples:

    SOME in positive sentences.
    a. I will have some news next week.
    b. She has some valuable books in her house.
    c. Philip wants some help with his exams.
    d. There is some butter in the fridge.
    e. We need some cheese if we want to make a fondue.

    SOME in questions:
    a. Would you like some help?
    b. Will you have some more roast beef?

    ANY in negative sentences
    a. She doesn't want any kitchen appliances for Christmas.
    b. They don't want any help moving to their new house.
    c. No, thank you. I don't want any more cake.
    d. There isn't any reason to complain.

    ANY in interrogative sentences
    a. Do you have any friends in London?
    b. Have they got any children?
    c. Do you want any groceries from the shop?
    d. Are there any problems with your work?
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    Re: some and any

    thanks dude, Eventhough I knew that information, mi question still needs being answered ..."emerging and waning form"...waht does it mean?

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    Re: some and any

    Not a teacher.

    "Emerging" is things that are new (coming into fashion) and waning are things that are going away.

    I think they mean expressions and usages that are new or disappearing.


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