Telecommuting (working for a company from home rather than in the office and communicating with the office by computer) is becoming more and more common. Discuss the advantaged of telecommuting versus working in an office. Then indicate which you prefer and why.
New technologies have changed our world very significantly. Working at home has become a very popular in the large number of countries because of several benefits. In my opinion it is a very perspective idea and there are some advantages. First of all working at home people will have more free time which they can spend on their families. Using a telecommuting provides opportunity for people to work in several places simultaneously and when we state at home we do not use our private transport which is not friendly to environment.
Telecommuting can save our free time which we will spend on our children. In addition, we will have extra opportunities to bring up our children. Working at home we do not waste time on useless activities such as staying at office without work or waiting for clients because with a telecommuting our customers can communicate with us directly by the internet.
Saving of time because of working at home provides opportunities for people to work in several places simultaneously. It is very helpful in modern life which is extremely unpredictable and it is the main reason why extra sources of money are important. This extra income will be able to support the financial state of our family. In a situation when people do not travel a lot they almost do not use their private transport.
Less using cars will lead to reduction of pollutions. As a result our life will be more safe and ecological. Telecommuting contains incredible opportunities and we should use them. In fact it can bring saving of our time and to improve our relationships with family. It is the main reason why I am for working at home with support of telecommuting.