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    Where goes fairness - first experiments on writing essays

    I wrote it and didn't check it. I just want to know what are my mistakes and which subjects should I work much more in English language. I mean grammer, vocabulary, etc... What are my missing parts. Any advise would be great. I will grateful for your helps.

    I've been working in a job related with justice for ten months. I used to type for myself at home for homeworks for years. I hadn't thought I would write the judge's decisions in front of him behind the black screen in front of me and the defendent is in front of both of us. Today judge who I work for sentenced the defendent who didn't commit an offence clearly. The offence was to stand out against polices. The event occured when the polices forced to stop the man's car and insisted to search it thoroughly. While the man asked whether they had a search warrant or not. After that question the man was misused by the polices. Alongside they took a statement down including the offence which I talked about above. Two years later the trial have been concluded and the man who had accused assault to the police sentenced. Howevr he hadn't commited the offence. Moreover he had isused by the police. He hadn't signed the minutes which made up by polices.
    Who authorised them this much. The government? The man ill discern the case but he sentenced a nine-month stretch and sooner or later he will go to the jail and that is not exactly an offence for me.
    I rather live in old-time. There were certain rules as well as certain offences.

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    Re: Where goes fairness - first experiments on writing essays

    thank you very much. I'll write more essays.

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