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    Need help with something please

    Psychologist study animals partly because their behavior is interesting in and of itself and partly because studies of animals can yeild information that would be impossible or unethical to collect from humans.

    I understand the general idea of the sentence but I don't understand what it means by in and of itself.

    Psychologist should avoid situations in which a conflict of interest might impair their judgment or harm someone else.

    What does conflict of interest mean?

    Much appreciation for anyone that helps!

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    Re: Need help with something please

    *Not A Teacher*

    What does conflict of interest mean?
    Conflict: If needs, facts, etc. conflict, they are very different and cannot easily exist together or both be true.

    Interest: advantage. Something that brings advantages to or affects someone or something

    In Arabic its called: تضارب المصالح
    Which means that "conflict of interest" or interests have been conflicted because each interest became different from the others.


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