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    Post Lecture VS New Technology

    Hello! Is there anyone can help me to rate this article and give some advices? Thank you very much! My IELTS exam is in a couple of days, please help me.

    Lectures were used in the past as a good way of teaching a large number of students. As new technology is now available for education, some people suggest that there is no justification for lectures. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

    Consistent with the continuous popularization and extensive application of modern science and technology, education tends to be increasingly reliant on technology. As more and more subjects can be taught via computer, there would seem to be less and less need for traditional lectures to be present. However, modern technology will never replace lectures because it is only a tool which can help schooling.

    It is no doubt that new technology such as computers or even mobile phones have their own benefits on education. It makes possible study at any convenient time and location at a personal speed and intensity. Take families from the remote areas for example, rather than breaking up families by sending their children to the city center, education authorities have been able to use the Internet to delivery schooling online. The mass usage of new technology also provides possible universal access to information, which contributes to the convenience of study.

    On the other hand, however, such new technology can never take the place of lectures because it lacks interaction. Machines not only lack the ability to answer all the questions in terms of different individuals but also lack the flexibility to cope with very specific problems.

    Different from those new technologies, lecture, being one of the traditional ways of educating, has its advantages too. Large numbers of students sitting in the same classroom provides good opportunities for the teacher and students to communicate. Students can ask questions at the end of the lecture and they have the possibility to discuss with each other when problems arise.

    In conclusion, without suggesting that new technology is definitely good, I think it is by no means ‘unjustifiable’, in any way, to maintain the lectures alive in the present day.
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