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Thank you, TheParser, for all your answers.

When you said "subjunctive", did you mean missing "would"?

I suggested that my friend (would) play.
The teacher suggests that Mona (will, would) study more.

Thank you.
********** NOT a teacher **********

Hello, Ndexter.

(1) Thank you for your kind note.

(2) I am far (VERY far) from being an expert on the subjunctive,

but I think that your sentences are not missing a would.

(3) The subjunctive is very common in some languages, but it is

rather formal in American English. (I hear that our British friends

do not use it so often but that some are starting to because of

American influence.)

(4) She plays. You learned that the third person takes s. Grammar books

call this the INDICATIVE. It is something real. She plays every day.

He is always on time. That is something real, too.

(5) The SUBJUNCTIVE is only an idea. A wish. A demand. But it is not

real. Not yet.

I suggest that she play. I use the subjunctive (in other words, the

form without s) because it is only my suggestion. Maybe she will play

or maybe she will not. (Some native speakers do say: I suggest that she

plays. But that sounds unpleasant to most Americans.)

I demand that he be on time. I used the subjunctive of to be because

it is only my demand. Who knows? Maybe he will say, "I do not care

what you say. I am not coming on time."

(5) If you have more questions about the subjunctive, you can

type "subjunctive" in the search box, or ask any question here.

The teachers at this website are always eager to help you with

any question.


P.S. Would you like to take a little quiz? Please put the INDICATIVE or

SUBJUNCTIVE form in the space. (All present tense)

1. (eat) Tom ___ an apple every day.

2. (eat) Dr. Smith recommends that Tom ___ an apple every day.

3. (do) The teacher insists that my daughter ___ her homework with

more care.

(4) (do) I am very proud of my daughter because she always ___

her homework with great care.

(5) (be) I suggest that Martha ___ here at 8 o'clock tomorrow.

(6) (have) It is important that your son ___ good marks if he

wishes to enter the university.


Answers: (1) eats, (2) eat, (3) do, (4) does, (5) be, and (6) have.

Congratulations!!! I am sure that you did perfectly on the quiz.