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  1. ScaryEders

    The meaning with no word . . .

    Dear all,

    'Retrospect' to me means 'contemplation of things past'.

    'Forethought' to me means 'consideration of the future before taking action'.

    What I am looking for is a word that, in a way, fuses these two definitions together. I have a concept/meaning but need a better way of expressing it in words. I want a word that means 'consideration of how one shall feel in retrospect when deciding upon future action'.

    Its not quite forethought and its not quite retrospect. If there is no word that means this, then I believe there should be as I often have the urge to use such a word. The definition I have outlined feels to me like just one package of meaning, and therefore should have a word of its own to represent it.

    Does anyone know if such a word exists, or at least a simpler way of putting it?

    - Edmund Jones
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    Re: The meaning with no word . . .

    I like the word circumspect here because it means cautious to the extent of considering every possible outcome or consequence of a decision.


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    Re: The meaning with no word . . .

    Would "deliberation" work?

  4. ScaryEders

    Re: The meaning with no word . . .

    Many thanks both to mykwyner and Sarah Shaw-Gray. Both words would work in most situations that I wish to express this concept. I especially like circumspect.

    However, neither of them quite portray the subtle but essential "looking forwards whilst thinking backwards" idea within the concept, so further additions are still welcome.

    Perhaps I shall have to invent a new word of my own!

    - Ed

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    Re: The meaning with no word . . .

    the opposite of restrospective is prospective. i would phrase it as follows- prospective action supported by retrospective insight.

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    Re: The meaning with no word . . .

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