I have to write a letter so I wonder if anyone could take alook at the present draft I have below and make some valid suggestions - style, word choice, punctuation, any other ideas.

Thank you in advande - this is really very important to me.

Dear Sir/Madam,

From the information I could find out about [company name] it appears that my skills and expertise could be of interest to your company. I believe that my proven commercial experience in financial sector of the ICT could contribute to projects you might have right now or in the near future.
At my last assignment I was executing a role of .net developer for Nexum Insurance Technologies, but my skills are not limited to programming - over the last 6 years of my career I have also held positions of software tester and an analyst - these experiences have given me a solid practical knowledge of the software development life cycle.
I have just moved from Europe to Auckland and I am now looking for a new opportunity to apply my energy, skills and knowledge. I intend to continue working as a .net developer. As a wise recruiter you will surely understand that what I may initially lack in the particular knowledge of your ongoing projects, internal code libraries and concepts, I will more than compensate with my work ethic, sincere attitude, enthusiasm and eagerness to show what I am capable of. I can reassure you that I have a very strong motivation to do well and [company name] could very well benefit from it. I would appreciate if you would give me the opportunity to prove it.

Please find my contact information in the attached CV

[my name]