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Thread: adverb clause

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    adverb clause

    what are adverb clauses? is there anything like adverb noun clause and if so den how to differentiate the types of adverb clauses???

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    Re: adverb clause

    Adverbial clauses are typically those that serve, in the manner of simple adverbs, to specify when, why, how etc. the action of a verb takes place. They are normally introduced by subordinating conjunctions such as 'when', 'because' or 'although'.

    Occasionally, however, a structurally nominal (noun-like) clause can serve an adverbial function, as the underlined part of

    I was wondering what to do.

    (generally analysed as elliptical prepositional phrases, i.e. with the nominal clause as the object of a suppressed preposition:

    I was wondering about what to do.)

    Such clauses, however, might well be labelled 'adverbial noun clauses'.

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