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    "shall" and "should"

    Is there any difference between these words?
    If so, could you please explain it to me?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: "shall" and "should"

    Future tense or emphatic intention: (1st person) I shall/will return soon.
    Strong assertion, command or duty: (2nd/3rd person) You/They shall go to the party.
    Questions, polite enquiry: Shall we go to lunch? Shall you drive me home?
    Reported speech: I said I should be home soon.
    Obligation or likelihood: You should come home now.
    Tentative suggestion: I should like to add that . . . .
    Conditional: If you should see him, please tell him to call me.

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    Re: "shall" and "should"

    Thanks a lot

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