Give causes for many traffic accidents in Vietnam in recent year.

People in the world today are facing many problems such as new diseases, natural disasters, environmental catastrophes and traffic accidents. In Vietnam, traffic accidents are the major problem which happens everyday. In recent years, it has become more and more serious. Not only do people lose their lives on the road, but they can be injured and some never recover from their injuries. Most traffic accidents are caused by going too fast, using alcohol and using cell phones.

Firstly, many accidents happen simply because driver are going too fast. Some drivers are very young and maybe someone has just received a driving licence. Most of them drive very dangerously. Many accidents of young drivers result from their own mistakes. When emotionally excited many teenagers drive fast and their driving skills are not very good so they donít adopt proper methods when they meet a situation happening suddenly.
Besides, being afraid of being late is also another reason make people want to reach their destination quickly because they donít want to be late. The faster you are going, the greater risk of an accident you may have.

Secondly, driving under the influence of alcohol is one of the causes of traffic accidents every day. Some of the drivers drive after they have just drunk too much. As a result of this, drunken driverís reflexes become slow so they can not control their emotions and they usually drive fast and carelessly. Because of this, traffic accidents happen easily. A drunken person not only puts himself in danger, but also endangers other motorists lives on the road.

Thirdly, another reason which causes traffic accidents is use of a cell phone while driving. The cell phone is a very useful equipment if used effectively. When a cell phone is used while driving, it distracts the attention of the driver from the road to elsewhere which can cause car accidents. While driving and using a cell phone many people tend to miss the traffic signals, not really concentrate on their driving. Although these drivers may be looking on the road but they can easily get distracted by the conversation. Gradually they may get too caught up in what they are talking about, and their mind is wandering elsewhere when they should be focusing on the road, which could also cause an accident if they are not careful. Therefor the use of a cell phone is a risky choice while driving a vehicle.

In short, going too fast, using alcohol and using cell phone are main reasons for traffic accidents. If we obey the traffic laws and be careful while we are driving, the traffic accidents will be reduced.