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Oil can be transported by several ways those ways are classified into three categories: on land, sea or in the air. However, each one of them has its own way to transport the oil. They might have same principle but they are slightly different.


Transportation of oil on land can be done by either pipelines or truck tankers. The pipelines are said to be the safest way for transporting liquid oil. The principle of the pipelines is moving the oil inside the pipes by specific pumps. The best pipes material is steal. Truck tankers principle on the other hand is a huge container that carrying the oil and transporte it on land.


Transportation of oil over water is by tankers which is the most common method worldwide. The reason for using tankers is the ability of transportation huge amount of oil. One of the reasons for transporting oil by tankers is the low cost. The cost will be detailed under comparison section. There is another method for transporting oil but this method is subsea pipelines. The principle for the subsea pipelines is similar to pipelines on land.


Transportation of oil in the air is rarely happen in last decades. Currently, some British oil companies are working on designing the air craft tankers. The reason for transportation of oil in the air is saving time, unless the air crafts have the parachutes principle which will be waste of time.