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    smurfette ethimology

    i looked for an ''ethimology'' title toask my question, but i didnt see in the forum.sorry if i am doing under wrong topic.

    i am doing a ethimology study with the names of cartoon charcters.i wanted to study on ''smurfette'' but i can not find exact information.
    smurf doesnt have any meaning related with smurfs
    i check -fette; ''feminie, beatiful girl'' that is all i found about it.

    can anyone lead me about this ??

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    Re: smurfette ethimology

    'ette', not '-fette'. Smaller version, often female: suffragette, majorette, usherette (though not always: laundry/laundrette*, cigar/cigarette).

    (And it's eTYmology )


    PS *Laundrette introduced the idea of self-service to the neologizing mix, which gave rise to one strange rootless word (with a prefix and then a suffix): "superette" (which I haven't seen myself, but is allegedly sometimes used for a 'convenience store').
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