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    Article about the new batmobile (1/2)

    This is where I draw my questions from, you may want to take a look if you're not sure what I'm asking about.

    Here it goes:

    This beast is more Desert Storm than Dark Knight.
    Holy Baghdad, Batman.
    The real batmobile, every schoolboy knows, is a 1955 Lincoln Futura.
    a1. Desert Storm? Dark Knight? anyone has an idea?

    a2. Holy Baghdad - holy crap, holy s&!+... type of exclamation? why holy Baghdad? is it possible that good people of Iraq may find the expression offensive?

    a3. schoolboy - is the writer referring to people in certain generation? or does he literally mean 'school boy'? I'm asking because I didn't know about the 60's batmobile being a 1955 Lincoln Futura.

    Pumped up Lamborghini-Humvee-swamp buggy-tank.
    b1. Pumped up = suped up, Lamborghini = one of the most expensive luxury cars, tank = is a... tank. OK, I can't make out anything else. Could you explain?

    Are they trying to pull the wool over our eye-slits?
    c1. Is this Batman-specific expression? or is this a general expression? what does it mean?

    More questions coming up...
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    Re: Article about the new batmobile (1/2)

    Desert storm = the first Gulf war Dark Knight = name for Batman (I think)
    Holy Baghdad- In the TV series, Batman and Rob9in used strange expressions of surprise like this. They used Holy+ comething from the context of the show. I think it's more crass than offensive here.
    Any schoolboy = everybody. However, the writer's forgetting their age.
    Pull the wool over someone's eyes = fool them. Eye slits because of Batman's costume.

    Same Bat time, same Bat channel

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