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    Lightbulb heeeeeelp with a cover letter

    I'm applying for an internship in the US and I will be very thankful if a native english speaker could correct my cover letter.
    Thank you very much

    I know it's quite long and I'm sorry

    Are there any openings at XXXXX for an enthusiastic, young intern who wants to dedicate her career to the implementation of green sustainable solutions in the marketplace? A leading and selective French Business student with a broad and diversified work experience and excellent communication and analytical skills?
    My own enthusiasm about environmental issues and global solutions for the sustainability-problem was fanned during my volunteer work at XXXXX in which I realized the interdependence of economic and environmental issues.
    My aim is to achieve a position within an international organization or enterprise that would allow me to support measures and take action for the sustainable development conducted me to your company.
    Your vision of Business and your action in favour of eco-innovation and green empowerment seduced me and make me want to join your team for a long term internship.
    In addition to my good academic background, highlight of my professional experience include the following:
    My internship within the European commission in Brussels rewarded me with an in-depth knowledge of the environmental policies and allowed me to demonstrate my strengths in data research and analysis

    As a senior Banker assistant, I gained experience in building report and fostering mutually beneficial relationship. I also could improve my negotiation skills within the framework of contracts signature and completed rush order project on time and with quality results

    In each of my positions, I have dealt cooperatively with a variety of audiences, including federal and local officials, NGOs and companiesí CEOs, as well as coworkers and the public.My skills in interpersonal relations and cross cultural communication are excellent.

    Last but not least, I combine my creativity with my strong interest for the environment through my passion for photography in my travels across the world.

    I am a very motivated person and enjoy working independently as well as a part of a team. I look forward to further discussing how my personal attributes may positively contribute to the mission of the XXXXX.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.



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    Talking Re: heeeeeelp with a cover letter

    well good luck, i need posts so im just going to put this. i wouldnt be much of a help anyways.

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