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    with or without some

    What is the difference between:
    1-Come here. I want to give you some fruit.
    2-Come here. I want to give you fruit.

    The second one sounds a bit awkward to me. I think the first one says what I want to do, while the second one seems to emphasis the fact that what I want to give you is fruit and not something else.
    3-Don't worry. I don't want to give you meat. I want to give you fruit.
    Am I correct?

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    I believe both sentences mean the same thing, with the exception that sentence 1. makes reference to an amount (the amount being unspecified "some"), whereas sentence 2. does not make reference to an amount at all--just "fruit" in general.

    1. I want to give you some fruit (for your birthday).
    2. I want to give you fruit (for your birthday).

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    Your example #3 is when I'd use the sentence without 'some'.

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