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    Exclamation Get x Take

    Please, I've read some books where I could see that take (hold) and get (obtain).

    Then I want to know which is the correct form:

    1. Teacher, I left my book in the car. Let me take it / get it???

    I've always used "take" but in one of the books I saw I couldn't have used it. Isn't it incorrect???

    I've seen and heard "take", then I was wondering if you could help me.

    PS: If I want to say "Nobody deserves", is it necessary to use a pronoun? Like: Nobody deserves it?

    Thank you!

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    Re: Get x Take

    [1] Let me (go and) get it.
    => "get" expresses movement towards a destinantion (i.e., "go")

    [2] Nobody deserves _____.
    => "deserve" is a transitive verb. It requires an object (e.g., S/he doesn't deserve that. We deserve an answer.)


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