There is always a hope to become a famous one

Mike used to set under the tree which draws close their ancient home that his old, poor father has built. Many questions come to his mind, thinking how possibly he can build his prosperous future in the coming five years. Having a sense of fear of miserable life is a motive for him by pushing his anger to release his strong feelings towards his aspirations. He has an aunt whom considered by all his family as a wise woman. As he reached her house, he found her setting in front of a computer screen, designing some programs. He took a long breath before saying a word. He just kept silent as he was standing near a window, looking outside dreaming about his colorful future. His aunt is as a bank for all his secrets and a source of information; he asked her going outside. Then, they walked among trees towards their best place, which is a lake. She addressed him a statement which changes all his life to the better, so guess any motive sentences you feel that hopefully change him to be a well known person.