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    to flag + navigating

    Dear teachers,

    I wonder about the meaning of the verb "to flag" and "navigating" in this context:

    "Berman does flag important debates about Islam's impact on Europe and the world, but he is an exceedingly poor guide to navigating them. His reading of Islamism, based on a narrow selection of sources read in translation and only a sliver of the vast scholarship on the subject, fails to grasp its political and intellectual context".

    I read the first sentence this way: "Berman launches important debates on Islam, but is guide is extremely poor when it comes to dealing with them". Is it correct?

    Thank you in advance,


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    Re: to flag + navigating

    Not a teacher.

    "Flag" doesn't mean to launch, but rather to draw other peoples' attention to.

    Presumably, he is finding existing debates and drawing attention to them.

    You are correct on the "navigating" part.

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