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    Question correct my answer

    Check my answer in the italic parentheses words and please correct it.

    ( Complete the sentences by using an appropriate form of 'get' and the given verb)

    1. (hurt) There was an accident, but no body (got hurted)
    2. (lose) We didnít have a map, so we (got lost)
    3. (dress) We can leave as soon as you (are getting dressed)
    4. (marry) When (will) you (get married)?
    5. (accustom) How long did it take you to (got accostumed) to living here?
    6. (worry) Sam was supposed to be home an hour ago, but he still
    isníthere.I(am getting worried)
    7. (confuse) I (was getting confused) becauyse every body gave me
    different advice.
    8. (do) we can leave as soons as I (am getting done) with this work.
    9. (depres) Chris (was getting depressed) when she lost her job, si I tried
    to cheer her up.
    10. (invite) (will) you (get invited) to the party?
    11. (upset) Just try to take it easy. Donít (get upset)
    12. (bore) I (was getting bored) , so I didnít stay for the end the movie.
    13. (pack) Iíll be ready to leave as soon as I( get packed)
    14. (pay) I (got paid) on Fridays. Iíll give you the money I owe you next
    Friday. Ok?
    15.(hire) After Ed graduated, he(is getting hired) by an engineering firm.
    16. (fire) but later he(got fired) because he didnít do his work.
    17 (finish, not) Last night I (didnít get finished) with my homework until after
    18. (disgust) I (got disgusted) and left because the things they were saying
    at the meeting were ridiculous
    19. (engage) First, they (got engaged)
    (marry) Then, they (got married)
    (divorce) Later, they (got divorced)
    (remarry) Finally, they(got remarried).Today they are very happy.

    (Use active or passive, in any appropriate tense, for the verb in parentheses)

    1. Itís noon. The mail should be here soon. It( is usually delivered)
    sometime between noon and one oíclock.
    2. Only five of us(are working) in the laboratory yesterday when the
    explosion (occurred) luckily, no one (was hurted)
    3. I was supposed to take a test yesterday, but I (did not admit) into the
    testing room because the examination (already began)
    4. According to a recent survey, out if every dollar an American spends on
    food, thirty-six cents (spends) at restaurant.
    5. Iím sorry Iím late. I( was held up) by the rushhour traffict. It (took) 30
    minutes for me to get here instead of 15.
    6. Before she graduated last May, Susan (already offered) a position with
    a law firm.
    7. According to many scientist, solar energy (is used) extensively in the
    twenty first century.
    8. I (have been studying) english here fore the last two month. My
    english (get) better, but I still find it difficult to understand lectures.
    9. Right now a student trip to the planetarium (are organized) by Mrs.
    Hunt. You can sign up for it at her office.
    10. He is a man whose name will go down in history. He (will never be
    11. When you (arrive) at the airport tomorrow, you (must be met) by a
    friend of mine. He (is wearing) a red shirt and blue jeans. He (is
    standing) near the main entrance. Iím sure you will be able to find him.
    12. A: Yesterday (was) a terrible day.
    B: What ( happened) ?
    C: First, I (flunked) a test, or at least I think I did. Then I ( dropped)
    my books while I (was walking) across campus and they (fell) into a
    mud puddle. And finally, my bicycle (was stolen)

    Complete the sentences with the present or past participle of the verb in parentheses.

    1. Success in one Ďs work is a ( satisfying) experience.
    2. The dragon was a (terrifying) sight for the villagers.
    3. The (terrified) villagers ran for their lives.
    4. I found myself in an (embarrassing) situation last night.
    5. A kid accidentally threw a ball at one of the school windows. Someone
    needs to repair the (broken) window.
    6. A (damaging) earthquake occurred recently.
    7. People are still in the process of repairing the many (damages) buildings
    and streets.
    8. I elbowed my way through the (crowded) room
    9. The value endures. A gift given in love has (enduring) value.
    10. No one lives in that (deserted) house except a few ghosts.
    11. The thief tried to pry open the (locked) cabinet.
    12. Parents have a (lasting) effect on their children.
    13. I bought some (frozen) vegetables at the supermarket.

    Complete the sentences with the present or past participle of the verb in parentheses.

    1. That (annoyed) buzz is coming from the fluorescent light.
    2. Use the (given) words in the ( following) sentences.
    3. The teacher gave us a (challenging) assignment, but we all enjoyed
    doing it.
    4. The (expected) event did not occur.
    5. A (growed) child needs a (balancing) diet.
    6. There is an old saying: Let (sleep) dogs lie.
    7. No one appreciates a (spoiled) child.
    8. At present, the (leading) candidate in the senatorial race in Henry
    9. It is sad. She led a (wasting) life.
    10. We had a (thrilling) but hair raising experience on our back packing trip
    into the wildernees.
    11. Last night while we were walking home, we saw an unidentified (fly)
    12. Thje (abandoned) car was towed away by a tow truck.
    13. Any (thinking) person knows that smoking is a destructive habit.
    14. I still have five more (requiring) courses to take.
    15. The streets bustled with activity. We made our way trough the
    (bustling) streets.

    (Error Analysis)

    1. When I returned home, everything is quite. I walk to my room, get undress, and going to bed.
    Returned home = got returned
    Walk = walked
    Get undress = got dressed
    Going to bed = went to bed
    2. When we were children, we are very afraid of caterpillars. Whenever we saw one of these monsters, we run to our house because the caterpillars could attack us. I am still scare when I saw a caterpillar close to me.
    We are very afraid = we were very afraid
    Run to = run into
    I am still scare = I am still scared

    Thats all my questions and I'm waiting for your reply and the correct answer, last I say thank's a lot for your attention.

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    Re: correct my answer

    Here are the ones that need more thought:

    Exercise 1
    Check 1., 3., 5., 8., 9., 12., 14., ?15., ?17.
    => The symbol (?) means it's possible but not the Standard

    Check 2., 3., 4., 6., 8., 9., 11.,

    Check 7.,

    Check 1., 5., 6., 9., ?13., 14.,

    Check 1., 2.

    All the best,

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