Some people argue that children with different abilities should be taught in different classes. Others, however, think that they should be taught in one and the same class at school. What do you think?

Develop and enhance children's specialised abilities is one of the most concern of almost parents. They, of course, send their children to some special classes with the hope of advancing necessary skills for their children. However, others consider that children should be learnt in mixed classes. In my opinion, all children should be taught in mixed class to be developed all essential skills for them.

There are many advantages when children participate in mixed classes. Firstly, studying in same classes where all subjects are of equal importance, students, therefore, spread their interest in all field. In this case, students will be equiped knowledge fully in many kinds. Thus, students here can have esier access to better equipment and do experiments on things that they have learnt. Teachers, too, are advanced in all their fields, because of training students who have to know all things come from subjects. They as well as have a wide background, which is essential for their lives.

Secondly, students in the former ambience find it easier to make friends with classmates, for they are more friendly and helpful. Nobody thinks of himself or herself as being superior to others. Because some are good at these subjects, while others excel in another one. Hence, student will have attitude for helping weak students in mathematic who, however have great knowledge of literature to help him in return. In contrast, those in special classes are caught in relentlessly competitive race with others to prove they are numberone. As a result, it is easy for them considering their friends as enemies rather than their fellows.

To sum it up,do same classes bestow upon a deep and wide knowledge for children, but also it strengthen ties with their classmate.By this way, children can develop in a perfect environment of both spiritual and physical health.