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    Hard to pronounce 'Risks', 'Insists'

    Dear Native speakers,

    I have no idea how to pronounce 'Risks' and 'Insists' naturally and smoothly, I feel very hard to pronounce these kind of words with double 's' or trible 's' sound....especially in pronouncing 'Insists'...please let me know the technique how to pronounce it easily.....For 'Risks', do we need to pronounce the 'k' sound....if pronounce the 'k' sound, it seems very complicated in mouth movement....


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    Re: Hard to pronounce 'Risks', 'Insists'

    delete /k/ and /t/ respectively, if you don't want to focus on those words (in other words, you deliver them fast). If you are focusing on those words (aka intonational nucleus, you will end up pronouncing /k/ and /t/, but to smooth them out, you may have to delete the final /s/.

    Jack Windsor Lewis discussed about it in his bogs: "A Remarkably Unremarked Elision"

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