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    speaking problem

    Respected sir, when i want to tell something in english language i could not get the words for saying,what the wors i have to tell.

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    Re: speaking problem

    Welcome to the board, Anisulislam.

    'Respected sir' is not an appropriate salutation for this forum, as many of the people who could help you are female.

    Some corrections for you to look at:

    Quote Originally Posted by Anisulislam View Post

    Respected teachers,

    When I want to say something in English language I cannot find the right words for what I want to say.
    Start a sentence with a capital letter and always capitalise I.

    We try to answer specific questions, but can't give a course of instruction. For this you need a real live teacher.

    Look at how we help other students and ask again if you have any particular problems.


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