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    my proposal: please add the discussion of CULTURE

    dear teachers,
    i am from the east, when i study english, i study western culture at the same time, so i have often have puzzles about culture. so could you consider adding the culture discussion to this forum?
    by the way, here is my question:
    in America or Britain, when schools give students scores, they are usually A,
    B+, C, etc. but i am not sure how many grades there are, for example, do you give students the mark of A+, D, E-(E minus) or G ?
    so would you please introduce the evaluation system in detail?
    thanks a lot.

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    Re: my proposal: please add the discussion of CULTURE

    [1] A form on culture sounds interesting. Mind you, English is a tool for international communication, so it really isn't all that necessary for speakers to know anything about its associated cultures. That is, when Chinese and Japanese meet to discuss business, the culture of their respective nations is what holds true. Neither Chinese nor Japanese behave in a British, Australian, or North American way. Language is culture, yes, but that doesn't mean the two can't be separated, as in when your dealing with a Lingua Franca; culture isn't all that applicable because it's possible to use the tool without knowing all that much about the culture.

    [2] I'm not from either the USA or the UK, but in Canada there is not grade below D, be it D or D-, besides F. That is E and G and so on are not used. There's no reason to do so. Anything below the 50 mark is F, a fail. Each institute, and each teacher/instructor decides the scale. For example,

    A+ (97-100)
    A (94-96)
    A- (90-93)
    and so on. . .

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