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    Is 'manners' plural or singular?

    I'd like to know whether 'manners' is singular or plural.

    I saw 'Meat is much, but manners is better'.

    On the other hand, I saw 'Manners make often fortunes'.

    In the former example, 'manners' is singular, but on the latter
    it is plural. Is 'manners' plural or siuglar?

    Also I'd like to know whether 'manners' is plural or singular in the following example.

    'His ill manners (is / are) harmful to his children.'

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    Re: Is 'manners' plural or singular?

    In most cases, the word manners is plural. When one is speaking of manners they are referring to characteristics or a set of social customs of an individual, such as in your last example "His ill manners are harmful to his children." In this sentence, as with the word itself, it doesn't necessarily refer to an isolated action. It instead looks at a set of actions of the father collectively.
    In fact, the word manners itself is often times synonymous (the same as) with the word "behavior."

    Hope this helps you!

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