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  1. ScaryEders

    dedication, perseverence, commitment . . .

    dedication, perseverence, commitment...

    what are the subtle differences between these words, or are they truly interchangeable?

    - Ed

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    Re: dedication, perseverence, commitment . . .

    dedication=the quality of being dedicated(=very interested in or working very hard for an idea)especially in an unselfish way
    perseverence=continual steady effort made to fulfil some aim
    commitment=a responsibility or promise to follow certain beliefs or a certain course of action; the state of being committed, deeply-felt loyalty to a particular aim or belief
    I hope this will help you some

  2. ScaryEders

    Ok, so does dedication come from perseverence with commitment?

    Thanks, trustM.

    From the definitions you have provided, I realise that I had a meaning inside of me for each of these three words, but didn't know how to articulate these meanings into words. I think that the concept that links all these words together is "human energy being used in one direction". Direction could mean towards an academic subject, towards gaining/improving a skill, or maintaining a relationship with another human being.

    Would you agree that:
    * commitment is a subjective value. It is a measure of your passion towards a given goal or into a given relationship. As passion is a human phenomenon, this word only applies to humans (or a personafied object).

    * perseverence is an objective value, as unlike commitment it refers to actually doing a task rather than mearly internalising over it. A machine could not show perseverence, as perseverence immplies a lot of effort being used.

    * dedication is a quality only gained through both commitment and perseverence (i.e. the motivation behind reaching the goal must be sincere and you must not give up half way).

    To explain my reasoning behind this last point, consider the following story:
    There are three students; Mr C, Mr P and Mrs D. They all attend the widget carving course at their local college to learn how to sculpt the perfect widget out of wood.

    Mr C promises to work his hardest from the begining of the course, thus showing commitment. Although at first he truly believes his love of carving wood will see him through the entire course, the failure of his early attempts to produce any widget like results cause him to take lots of drugs and he fails to reach the final exams (i.e. because he did not show enough perseverence, he was not dedicated enough to complete the course.)

    Mr P is on the widget making course not due to any love of making widgets, but purley because he wants to make lots of money from selling widgets once he is qualified. Therefore he is not showing the value of commitment, as he has no passion for his activity (would you agree with this?), but as he's been taught to never to give up, he tries and tries until he can create very life like widgets indeed. Although the widget sculpting process is a completely meaningless task for him, he sells lots of widgets and thus goes on to meet his goal of making lots of money.

    Mrs D however, enjoys widget making to such an extreme extent that she commits herself to the course and doesn't give up, even when the going gets tough and there are many distractions around her. Many a perfect widget is soon produced by her hands. She is the only one of the three students to show both commitment and perseverence, and therefore also the only one to show true dedication. (Do you agree?)

    Please tell me if you dissagree with any of my uses of these three words, as I am often not sure when it is appropriate to use them!

    - Ed

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    Re: Ok, so does dedication come from perseverence with commitment?

    I'd agree with your interpretations- perseverance doesn't imply love or passion, etc.

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